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Belfast Restaurant Saves £896..Lisburn Retailer Saves £946.. Liverpool Hairdresser Saves £800..Glasgow Café Saves £396

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Lower Rates Guaranteed On All Card Transactions

You need to choose wisely when picking your chip and pin card processing company

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Have YOU been "sold" by any of the following sales pitches..
"Unbelievably Low Price Chip and Pin Terminal Rental ...£12.99"

 "6 Months Free Terminal Rental"

 "Fantastic 1 Year Contracts"

You could be paying much more than you should be

Have you ever wondered how some Merchant Companies can offer this?

(please also be aware that most of these Terminals are NOT New but re conditioned)

So what are you waiting for?  

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  • High % Card Processing Rates
  • 3 Pence Per Transaction on top of the %
  • 4p Authorisation Fees (on every sale)
  • £19.99 mth for a box of unneeded till rolls
  • Service Charges
  • Set up and ongoing admin fees
  • 5 Days for Bank Transfers

By Up To 70%

Here's How......

 Cut Your Card Processing Bills

Do any of these sound familiar?


  • £30 "Minimum Monthly Service Charges
  • Rates & Fees Based On Annual Turnover
  • £14.99 per mth Non PCI Compliance fees
  • Electronic something or other monthly fees
  • Other "Hidden" Fees
  • Five Year Contracts
  • £12.99 a mth paper statement
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Card Processing Companies

Low cost payment solutions for  businesses across the UK and Ireland

Cut Your Card Processing Costs In 3 Simple Steps

3 Steps to Card Processing Savings

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We can set you up very quickly with our award-winning customer service team.
We offer a variety of chip and pin card machines and they all are equipped with the latest contactless techology

We can also offer you the lowest transaction rates in the industry – so the more your customers spend, you more you will save, every time.

Point Of Sale Solutions For All Types Of Businesses

Fixed Countertop Terminal
Mobile GPRS Terminal
Bluetooth, Wi Fi Portable Terminal
Point of Sale Systems
Virtual Terminals

Chip & Pin Card Terminals

EPOS Systems and Cash Registers

Choose from fixed countertop, portable bluetooth /  wifi and mobile gprs

Virtual Terminals

Payment Gateway

Everything you need to start processing payments online

Start taking customers payments by phone or mail 

State of the art Systems
for Retail and Hospitality

Payment Gateway

Our fast and efficient service can save all customers as much as 70% on their existing costs.

This is due to our preferential processing rates negotiated with the Leading Merchant Banks.

As a result, our card processing rates and merchant accounts ensure our customers receive a fully-integrated card processing and card terminal solution.

So whatever option you choose, we will guarantee to beat the price you’re paying now. So when your customers spend, you save, every time

Whatever business or industry you’re in, we have a point of sale solution to suit your needs

MerchantCashAdvance A Better Alternative To Bank Loans

This is longer term funding which would suit businesses looking to invest in their business over a longer period of time.

Merchant Funding is linked to your average card takings over the last 6 months of trading. 

The total amount you repay is a pre-agreed fixed amount however you only pay back a small % percentage of your card takings each month. 

This means that should you have a bad month, you only pay the same % percentage as if you had a great month.

To qualify you must be accepting a minimum of £3,000 per month in card processing to apply.

But the flexibility of our business funding doesn’t end there.

Unlike business loans from the bank, we do not limit how you use the money you receive.

You are free to use the capital for any business expense you wish

Cash advance based on card turnover of £3,000 – £500,000

Merchant Cash Advance

Borrow Against Your Monthly Credit And Debit Card Turnover

You Keep All Your Cash Sales - No Personal Guarantees Required - Pay back via a small % of your card transactions - No fixed monthly payments to worry about

Available in 24 Hours = You can get funded over and over again - Use for whatever purpose you choose

No Security Required - No long term payments to worry about - Bad Credit applicants welcome

UnsecuredBusinessLoans Up To £500K

Fast approval & personable service - Once we receive your application, one of our friendly Funding Advisors will contact you with a decision in principle, often within 24 hours.

Quick access to working capital:
Upon approval, access £3,000 to £500,000 in business funding in as few as 2 days!  

Unsecured Businss Loans

As a business owner, you are faced with daily challenges, many of which require you to have cash on hand.

It is essential for you and for your business to have access to the funding you need, and when you need it

Our small business loans are ideal for SMEs in the UK where businesses are growing or have the potential to grow.

With our small business loans, you will have flexibility and ease-of-use while solving your business funding needs. 

Customer Loyalty Promo

Introducing Mii-Promo, a powerful transaction-based marketing tool for businesses that drives sales and encourages customer loyalty

“By using technology that was previously not available to independent retailers, Mii-Promo generates customer profiles based upon real activity and then helps the retailer reach out to this profile in a personal way. It will increase customer spend and the frequency of visits and will revive the personal relationships that have been the hallmark of independent retailing.”

The system itself is extremely simple to set up and use, with low start-up costs and packaged pricing to suit every budget.

Every customer receives direct support

Grow your business with effective card-linked marketing tools

This software package includes a FREE Terminal but most importantly -  No More Card Processing Fees

Mii Promo brings increased sales and a more open relationships without the need for investment in new point of sale technology or exhaustive back end data manipulation.

Uniquely, Mii-Promo uses customers’ existing debit and credit cards to register and operate which in turn helps generate new customers by providing special offers and loyalty rewards

There is no requirement for expensive loyalty card schemes that independent retail businesses can rarely afford and often are very ineffective

Once your customers have registered their own credit or debit payment card(s), Mii-Promo allows you to use their card transaction data to build up a profile of each of your customers so your business can carry out targeted marketing campaigns supported by our specialist retail marketing team

In addition, the suite of data marketing tools that is the very back bone of Mii-Promo can monitor buying trends and customer behaviour to highlight and capture opportunities for the individual retailers

  • It will develop stronger relationships with your customers
  • Is a cost-effective digital reward program
  • Is a powerful customer-retention program
  • Encourage spending continuity

It allows you to track your customers’ spending habits, then offer them rewards and discounts to keep them coming back time after time.

Working with a card payment terminal, your laptop, and your customers’ normal credit or debit cards, Mii-Promo helps you offer the best deals to the right people; keeping your customers happy, loyal and rewarded.

When you need a helping hand to grow your business, Mii-Promo is the simple loyalty program that helps you to start selling more.

Backed by a leading card acquiring company, Mii-Promo was designed to keep happy customers coming back again and again.

This offers a big-brand-style marketing tool to companies by increasing customer loyalty with targeted offers at a fraction of the cost.

Mii-Promo brings marketing power back into the hands of retailers, bar and restaurant owners and helps grow customer spend with a loyalty and reward scheme thats as powerful and popular as any big brands but with a real personal feel that customers love as it puts the personal touch back into your business.

We give you individual marketing support to create hand-crafted loyalty offers for your customers; helping your business and your customer spend grow.

Its The Loyaly Card Your Customers Are Already Carrying

  • Re-engage with lost customers
  • Will increase repeat customer spending
  • Encourage customers to be brand ambassadors
  • Will increase customers and top line revenue

Credit and Debit Card Rates and Fees Calculator 

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Chip and PIn Rates Calculator

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